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Carcass furniture (Illustration)


Serial production (continuous production, mass production) of carcase furniture and furniture fronts

Serial production is a mass production that is organized as a continuous process. Its advantages are maximum productivity at low unit costs - the downside is reduced flexibility. Series production can therefore show its strengths especially when many identical parts have to be produced.

This overview distinguishes between two variants: Flat-packed take-away furniture that the customer sets up at home is called DIY furniture. This kind of furniture can be found almost worldwide at IKEA, for example. In contrast, ready-to-use furniture is assembled into finished carcasses during production. This is the case, for example, with kitchen carcasses or carcasses of office furniture. Ready-to-use furniture is often made to customer order. In order to minimise the time to delivery, standard parts that are frequently required can be stocked in production. These are then individually combined according to customer requirements and fitted with the desired fronts.

The combination of flexible production and series production is called batch size 1 in throughfeed: Workpieces that differ in their dimensions and decors are processed in one production line in throughfeed. This approach requires expensive production equipment and demands the largest investment. Both on the side of the furniture producer and the plant manufacturer, competence in mastering high complexity is required. For example, logistics, both in the timely procurement of raw materials and in the delivery of finished orders, is a considerable challenge.

Mass production. Flat-packed furniture that the customer can assemble himself at home.

Production Process

Necessary peripheral devices for Carcass furniture3

  • Briquetting presses

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Windows, Wooden stairs, Mass Timber

  • Extraction systems

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Windows, Flooring, Wooden stairs

  • Fire and spark extinguishing systems

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Windows, Flooring, Wooden stairs, Mass Timber, Wood-based Panels

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