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SAB Sägewerksanlagen GmbH


Zu den Gründen 11
57319 Bad Berleburg - Aue

Company Details

SAB designs, manufactures, supplies and installs complete systems for the sawn timber production from small sawmills up to fully-automated lines for large-scale industry. All plants delivered to date worldwide are operated with the complete satisfaction of the customers. SAB systems and their modular equipment technology guarantee high production accuracy and high productivity. SAB has also safely and successfully expanded the modification and modernization of existing chipping, frame saw and band sawmills and is forcing the development of new chipping technologies for the wood-based panel industry. The absolute must for SAB when it comes to service is long-term service security for the client.

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Branch office
SAB Moskau
RU, 105264 Moskau
Sales region


9.- Parkovaia Strasse 39
Office 29
105264 Moskau


Product programme

Machine types

  • Stationary conveying devices for roundwood yards
  • Stationary chain saws
  • Single arbour circular saws for roundwood
  • Circular saws for construction timber
  • Chipper- / band saw combinations
  • Single arbor edger / rip saw
  • Combined vertical-horizontal circular saws
  • Cross-cut saws with guide bar for timber packs
  • Conveyors for sawn timber (roller conveyors / tracks, cross-transfer units, etc.)
  • Long log flakers
  • General contractors for saw mills
  • Log sorting stations
  • Cutting to length station with continuous feed
  • Double arbour circular saws for roundwood
  • Chipper canters / profiling lines
  • Circular resaws
  • Double arbor edger / rip saw
  • Cross-cutting saws
  • Timber sorting stations
  • Timber stacking and bundling stations
  • Single- and multi-blade circular saws for edging or ripping
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