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Georg Schwarzbeck GmbH & Co. KG


Industriestr. 1 - 3
25421 Pinneberg

Company Details

REX: High-performance planing machines

Maschinenfabrik Georg Schwarzbeck is the manufacturer of the well-known REX brand planing machines. The REX planers are solid high performance planers in the upper performance class, with high feed speed and large working width. An example of this is the universal high-performance planing machine BIGMASTER for industry and trade. Maschinenfabrik Georg Schwarzbeck has a high vertical range of manufacture of 80%. In this way, individual requests can usually be implemented without problems.

Customers also appreciate the rapid availability of spare parts: This is ensured by the on-site service that the company offers worldwide.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Thickness planers
  • Two-side thicknessing planers for surfacing and thicknessing in one operation
  • Moulding machines for three- and four-side machining
  • Vacuum lifting equipment
  • Outfeed and stacking units
  • Driven roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Specialised materials handling technology for planing lines
  • Tool measuring and setting instruments
  • Sound-proofing equipment (sound-proofing cabins, etc.)
  • Planing / sawing machines
  • Three- and four-side planers
  • Stacking and bundling stations
  • Infeed units
  • Cross conveyors
  • Undriven roller conveyors
  • Roller stands
  • Machines and equipment for glue laminated timber / glulam construction
  • Knife grinding machines for planing, flaking and chipper knives
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