Rosenauer Str. 32
96487 Dörfles-Esbach

Company Details

REICHENBACH HAMUEL is a specialist with over 50 years of tradition in special CNC and CNC milling machine construction for wood, plastic, aluminium and composite processing. The company has built up a huge competence in 5-axis and multi-axis technology through many years of experience. CNC controls in multi-channel technology up to feeding of machines by robots from lot size 1 up to production in series are standard procedures at Reichenbacher Hamuel. The company develops individual CNC machining centres and integrated high-level solution concepts for customers in automotive, aircraft, facade, furniture, door, window and stair construction and many other branches of industry.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Routers
  • Copy moulders for longitudinal processing of moulded parts (also with additional sanding units, etc.)
  • Copy carving machines
  • Universal multispindle boring machines, stationary processing
  • Through feed multi-spindle boring machines with horizontal and / or vertical heads
  • Through feed CNC boring machines
  • Manufacturing cells
  • Microwave technology
  • Processing centres for longitudinal and cross-wise processing of window parts
  • Machines and plants for doors and frames
  • Machines and equipment for stair construction
  • Machines and equipment for manufacturing pallets, stationary
  • Machines and equipment for manufacturing doors for furniture
  • Machines and plants for clogs, wood soles, wood heels, shoes last
  • Machines and plants for coffins
  • CNC routers
  • Double-sided CNC moulding (and sanding) machines for contoured parts
  • Moulding machines for special applications
  • Multispindle boring machines with horizontal and / or vertical heads, stationary processing
  • CNC boring machines for stationary processing
  • Machining centres for sawing, routing, profiling, boring, sanding
  • High frequency technology
  • Supersonic technology
  • Machines for windows and facades; other
  • Machining centres for structural elements
  • Machines and equipment for manufacturing rack furniture (chairs, tables, etc.)
  • Machines for manufacturing industrial packing (boxes, etc.)
  • Machines and equipment for manufacturing drawers
  • Machines and plants for poles, masts, palisades, wood fences
  • Machines and plants for shuttering panels
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