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Jakob Löwer Maschinenfabrik


Am Wasser 4
34576 Homberg Caßdorf

Company Details

Jakob Löwer is a specialist for sanding machines, especially for non-planar workpieces. Löwer's world-leading brush sanding and belt sanding units can be used to sand e.g. furniture components with relief, profiled mouldings and floor boards or window parts or even entire window sashes and frames. Solutions for deburring and rounding sheet metal parts as well as surface sanding of flat steel and square tubes are also offered.

One example from Löwer's product range is the LeistoMat, a sanding machine for frame and sash parts of windows: Depending on the application, the machine can be equipped individually with belt sanding units, sanding flap rollers and sanding discs. It autonomously detects the width and profile of the window components, automatically adjusts all units accordingly and performs intermediate or fine sanding of the surface. The sensitive face edges are not damaged. 

Product programme

Machine types

  • Brushing and cleaning machines for workpieces
  • Abrasive calibrating machines
  • Sanders for curved and moulded components
  • Single-end profile sanders
  • Belt sanders
  • Polishing machines for flat surfaces
  • Polishing machines for strips
  • Semicircular arch joint gluing machines
  • Long sanding belts
  • Finger jointing presses
  • Wide-belt sanders for calibrating and sanding
  • Sanders for intermediate lacquer sanding
  • Double-end profile sanders
  • Sanders for round rods
  • Polishing machines for mouldings
  • Polishing / buffing machines with automatic feed
  • Sanding tools and materials; other
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