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Jakob Lach GmbH & Co. KG


Donaustr. 17
63452 Hanau

Company Details

Specialist for PCD tools

The company Lach Diamant is a specialist in the production of diamond tools (PCD) for wood, plastic and metal processing. The focus is on turning, drilling and milling tools, such as those used in machining centres, panel dividing lines, in the formatting and edge processing of furniture components.

Lach also offers a wide range of slide and CBN abrasives, which can be divided into three areas:

  • Grinding wheels for carbide and HSS processing
  • Grinding wheels for the classic service company for sharpening tools for the wood industry and for the woodworking industry.
  • Grinding wheels in galvanic bond, e.g. for processing CFRP, GFRP, graphite, ceramics, etc.

Lach has developed grinding machines for sharpening PCD tools. Lach offers here the optimal machine concept for the classical service operation up to the complex production machine with handling system for the processing of all PCD tools of most different industries. All these machines have been developed directly in collaboration with Lach Diamant's own production and can therefore be found in all Lach Diamant production facilities. They are also available to customers in authorised sharpening services.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Circular saw blades, DP-tipped
  • Folding hoggers, DP-tipped
  • Shank cutters for routers
  • Cutters with taper shank, DP-tipped
  • Tools for working with mineral materials
  • Clamping systems for shank cutters
  • Sharpeners for diamond tools
  • Sharpeners for special applications
  • Hogging systems for shaping of flat parts (e.g. panels), DP-tipped
  • Cutters with bore, DP-tipped
  • Shank cutters for CNC routers and machining centres, DP-tipped
  • Tools for working with light alloy
  • Tools for special materials; other
  • Tool measuring and setting instruments
  • Diamond wheels for sharpening tools
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