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KOHNLE GmbH Hartmetall-Werkzeug-Fabrik


Aiblinger Str. 36
83059 Kolbermoor


Company Details

For 65 years, the family-owned company KOHNLE GmbH has been producing high-quality machine tools in its carbide tool factory in Kolbermoor, not only for wood processing but also for machining plastics, aluminum and steel. A saw blade for cutting melamine resin-coated or glued panels without splintering on both sides is called a "miracle blade from Kolbermoor." Flattening, counter and profile cutters for panel doors are another speciality of KOHNLE. The manufacturer is characterized by production reliability, highest quality standards, optimal service and a pronounced innovative spirit.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Axes, hatchets
  • Tools for special materials; other
  • Circular saw blades, DP-tipped
  • Hogging systems for shaping of flat parts (e.g. panels), DP-tipped
  • Folding hoggers, DP-tipped
  • Hogger segments
  • Cutters with bore, HW- / special steel-tipped
  • Cutters with bore, DP-tipped
  • Shank cutters for CNC routers and machining centres, DP-tipped
  • Through-hole boring bits
  • Blank knives
  • Tools for working with light alloy
  • Circular saw blades, HW-tipped
  • Hogging systems for shaping of flat parts (e.g. panels), HW-tipped
  • Folding hoggers, HW-tipped
  • Hoggers for shaping of non-flat parts, e.g. scantlings
  • Cutters with bore, all-steel
  • Cutters with bore, with turnover knives (HW / special steel)
  • Shank cutters for CNC routers and machining centres, HW- / special steel-tipped
  • Shank cutters; other
  • Tools for working with mineral materials
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