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Jakob Schmid GmbH & Co. KG


Bahnhofstr. 54
73450 Neresheim-Elchingen

+49 7367 4070625

Company Details

Precision creates value

Jakob Schmid is a manufacturer of woodworking tools under the brand name JSO and is one of the world's leading suppliers. The range includes a wide selection of milling and drilling tools for wood and plastic as well as clamping tools in premium quality. More than 3,000 articles from the standard range are available from stock immediately. Special products according to customer requirements are also possible at any time, quickly and at a good price/performance ratio. For example, in the case of diamond tools (PCD tools) for machining fibre composite materials such as CFRP or GFRP, Jakob Schmid has succeeded in achieving long tool life with good performance through innovations.

Jakob Schmid also makes a contribution to integrating manufacturing: The data of the JSO tools are stored in the cloud and can be downloaded using a key (the so-called Data Matrix Code - DMC). This greatly simplifies the programming of the customer's CNC machines, especially when the tool geometry has been changed after sharpening.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Cutters with bore, DP-tipped
  • Shank cutters for portable machines
  • Shank cutters for CNC routers and machining centres, HW- / special steel-tipped
  • Shank cutters for CNC routers and machining centres, DP-tipped
  • Through-hole boring bits
  • Cylinder boring bits
  • Countersink bits
  • Turn blade knives
  • Blank knives
  • Clamping systems for shank cutters
  • Shank cutters for routers
  • Shank cutters for CNC routers and machining centres, all-steel
  • Shank cutters for CNC routers and machining centres, with turnover knives (HW / special steel)
  • Twist drills
  • Dowel bits
  • Step boring bits
  • Plug cutters
  • Backing plates, limiters
  • Clamping systems for cutters with bore
  • Clamping systems for boring bits
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