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Gustav Göckel Maschinenfabrik GmbH


Mornewegstr. 37 - 39
64293 Darmstadt

Company Details

Premium supplier for machine knife grinding machines

Gustav Göckel, founded in 1883, is known worldwide as a premium supplier and manufacturer of high-quality grinding machines and customized grinding solutions for machine knives. The particularity of the Göckel system lies in the movable grinding head while the workpiece is stationary. This carriage technology ensures maximum precision even with large workpiece dimensions - where up to 7000 mm are possible. Aside from conventional grinding tools, digital servo drives also allow the use of Borazon or diamond wheels for deep grinding. A magnetic table divided into two stations allows the grinding time to be reduced.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Knife grinding machines for planing, flaking and chipper knives
  • Knife grinding machines for knife rings
  • Knife grinding machines for veneer knives (slicing, peeling, clipping)
  • Sharpeners for carbide-tipped sawing, moulding and planing tools
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