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Reinhold Beck Maschinenbau GmbH


Im Grund 23
72505 Krauchenwies

Company Details

Ergonomic workplaces not only contribute to the health of employees and the working atmosphere, but also make a decisive contribution to the economic efficiency of the company. The company Reinhold Beck Maschinenbau describes itself as a pinoier for ergonomic handling. The Beck range includes height-adjustable work tables and lifting tables, lifting devices, transport trolleys, handling devices, commissioning trolleys, roller conveyors, measuring tracks and stop systems, band saws, cross-cut saws, glue dispensers, gluing presses and more.

The ergonomic products from Beck make working more pleasant, more gentle and therefore much more economical. The Beck range of worktables is individually height-adjustable and can be equipped with different worktops. Height-adjustable lifting tables with scissor mechanism are available in different versions up to 4.5 metres lifting height and ten tons load capacity. Where loads have to be lifted to a certain level, Beck lifting devices bring pallets or individual workpieces to the desired height at the push of a button. A swivel arm boom supplies manual workstations with power, air and suction lines from above. Transport trolleys, handling equipment and picking trolleys from Beck are useful and versatile aids in the workflow, including the storage of freshly painted panels and other workpieces with sensitive surfaces. The band saws and under-table cross-cut saws are designed for safe and economical working. For the production of frames and doors, the Beck gluing presses generate the required pressing pressure precisely at the right point. The extensive range of frame presses, perforated plate gluing presses and stack presses offers the right solution for a wide variety of applications and company sizes.

Beck products are used in the woodworking industry, metalworking, sheet metal processing, plastics processing, in training workshops and schools as well as in workshops for the physically challenged. The Beck Maschinenbau Group also includes HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau GmbH. HOKUBEMA continues the range of standard machines of the traditional German brand Panhans, which HOKUBEMA has acquired in 2010. 

Product programme

Machine types

  • Multi-daylight presses
  • Vertical edge joint gluing machines
  • Semicircular arch joint gluing machines
  • Assembly work stations and lines for windows, doors and facade elements
  • Outfeed and stacking units
  • Transport trolleys, shelf trolleys, etc.
  • Roller stands
  • Machines and equipment for stair construction
  • Planing benches, working tables
  • Workpiece fences and stops, computerised positioning
  • Undercut cross-cutting saws
  • Portable glue spreaders
  • Single daylight presses
  • Frame clamps
  • Carcass clamps
  • Lifting tables
  • Undriven roller conveyors
  • Commissioning trolleys, commissioning containers
  • Assembly tables
  • Machines and equipment for manufacturing solid timber boards
  • Workpiece fences and stops, mechanised positioning
  • Vacuum cup clamping devices
  • Narrow band saws
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