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Furniture front (Illustration)

Production process

Furniture front

Fronts are the visible part of carcass furniture and therefore have a decisive impact on the impression the furniture makes as a unit. By varying the front (and leaving the rest of the carcass unaltered) it is easy to realise diverse customers' requests.

Fronts with decoration or veneer coating: When choosing the type of decoration (melamine resin fronts, decorative layered material fronts) or veneered fronts, the price is the main factor. Processing can principally take place in through-feed (with large volumes), or on stationary machines (with manual stamped production or with individual furniture). 

Varnished fronts: A varnished front is a front with which the colour and structure of the varnish is at the centre of attention. Uncoated MDF boards are used as a carrier material. A base is applied after they have been mechanically processed and then they are varnished on all sides without a gap. Varnished fronts offer the largest freedom in design. They are available in high-gloss, with a metallic effect, and countless other variations.

Foils / 3 D Fronts: Fronts coated with plastic foil are an inexpensive option to produce good-looking furniture fronts. Foils can help create different edge profiles, as well as decorative surface structures. The edges and elevations seem as if they are made of one piece, because the foil is applied to the carrier board thermoplastically by vacuum. 

Decorative fronts are also made of solid wood. This option will be added later. 

Source product

Depending on the front option and desired surface coating, different work materials are used: KF coated chip board, layered boards (DKS coated chip boards), veneered chip boards, uncoated MDF boards, one-sided KF coated MDF boards, and solid wood boards.

Fibre boards (MDF/HDF)

Foil lamination make it possible to give a contoured front a decorative surface in a rational procedure.

Production Process

  • Cutting boards

    Raw board cut to size (Illustration)


    Boards are taken out of storage using adapted handling and conveying technology and fed into the board cutting saw. 

    Board storage system , Mechanisation , Robot


    The individual components, i.e. what is to become the fronts, are cut out of the raw boards to measure. Usually pressure beam circular saws are used for cutting. In manual production other machine types may be used, too.

    Pressure beam saw, Format circular saw, Vertical board saw

    Saw blade

  • Component processing

    Furniture front prepared for foil lamination (Illustration)

    Formatting and banding

    In this step, the front's shape is created. Foil laminating makes it possible to contour both the edges, as well as the front's surface, so that it does not have to be even. 

    Machining centre


  • Applying the foil

    Furniture front coated with foil (Illustration)


    Before coating in the press, the workpieces need to be prepared: The surface that glue is to be applied to must be cleaned. Depending on the gluing process, glue must also be applied and dried, to be acitvated in the next step. 

    Brushing machine, Roll application machine, Spraying machine, Hand spraying device

    Brushing tool


    The prepared workpiece is coated with a decorative foil by using pressure and temperature in a vacuum press, also known as a membrane press. 

    Membrane press

  • Drilling

    Finished 3D furniture front with foil lamination (Illustration)


    The fronts coated with foil are prepared for assembly. Any necessary functional drill holes for required fittings and handles are made in the fronts.

    Drilling machine


Production process:Furniture front – 3D / Foil fronts

Tools for production process Furniture front1

Besides machinery, also additional devices and gadgets are used in woodworking. Machine tools for Furniture front production are listed here.

Necessary peripheral devices for Furniture front6

  • Board turning stations

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Furniture front, Flooring

  • Driven roller conveyors

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Furniture front

  • Extraction systems

    E.g. used in:Furniture front, Windows, Flooring

  • Fire and spark extinguishing systems

    E.g. used in:Furniture front, Windows, Flooring, Wooden stairs, Mass Timber, Chip board, OSB- Oriented Strand Board

  • Infeed units

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Furniture front, Flooring, Mass Timber

  • Undriven roller conveyors

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Furniture front

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