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Carcass furniture (Illustration)


Flexible production of carcase furniture (stationary production)

A flexible manufacturing approach enables the individual production of single pieces, independent of standard dimensions and raw materials. Series of identical parts are not intended - each order is individually different.

This is the typical approach for small companies with a craftsman's character. But also an industrial production of individual furniture on a larger scale is possible. A flexible production is a stationary production: The parts are clamped stationary during the processing. The transport from one station to the next is done either by hand or with conveyor systems. 

Mostly smaller companies with stationary single machines. Low degree of automation. Maximum flexibility with high time consumption in production.

Production Process

Necessary peripheral devices for Carcass furniture3

  • Briquetting presses

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Windows, Wooden stairs, Mass Timber

  • Extraction systems

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Windows, Flooring, Wooden stairs

  • Fire and spark extinguishing systems

    E.g. used in:Carcass furniture, Windows, Flooring, Wooden stairs, Mass Timber, Wood-based Panels

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