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WEMA PROBST Wolfgang Hofmann GmbH


Fabrikstr. 3
63579 Freigericht

Company Details

The company Wema Probst Wolfgang Hofmann GmbH (short: Wema Probst) is a specialist for sawmill systems for the processing of small timber. The product range primarily includes sawmills and machines for round processing and the associated conveyor systems.

A speciality are machines for cylindrical peeling and round milling of single pieces or in throughfeed, but also for cross-cutting, pointing and edging of round timber and squared timber. Typical end products are poles (electricity and telegraph poles), posts and piles, for example for use in viticulture or as garden timber. Log house plants allow round milling and subsequent longitudinal profiling of the small logs.

A sawmill plant from Wema Probst for the production of boards and squared timber achieves a timber yield of up to 65 percent, depending on the cutting pattern and round timber length. Thus, weak raw wood is processed into elements for glued beams, pallets, parquet and other finished products. Some plants are particularly suitable for woods that are difficult to process, such as maritime pine.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Rotating log reducers / butt end reducers
  • Chipper canters / profiling lines
  • Cross-cutting saws
  • Rod moulders
  • Moulding machines for special applications
  • Machines and plants for poles, masts, palisades, wood fences
  • General contractors for timber construction and wooden houses
  • Cross-cut circular saws
  • Circular resaws
  • Planing / sawing machines
  • Round rod moulders
  • Trimming lines
  • Pumps, valves, pipe systems
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