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In der Fleute 18
42897 Remscheid

Company Details

The knife Manufacturers

The TKM Group produces machine knives and saws for all types of woodworking and wood processing. The range comprises more than 900 different knife types for applications in the wood industry alone, especially in the sawmill industry, veneer and plywood industry and the wood-based panel industry. In addition to industrial knives, circular saw blades, profile chipper knives, gang saw blades and chipper and counter knives are also supplied.

In addition to the wood industry, the TKM Group's product range also covers machine knives and tools for the pulp and paper industry, printing and packaging industry, plastics, rubber and recycling industry and metal processing. Many product developments are driven forward in close cooperation with the leading machine factories in the industry. The cutting solutions are characterized by novel materials, improved hardening processes and low tolerances. A comprehensive service reduces downtimes at the customer's site to a minimum. 

The headquarters of the TKM Group is located in Remscheid/Germany. The group has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, France, Austria, Finland, USA, Canada, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Knives for cutters, cutter heads
  • Blank knives
  • Hogging knives
  • Peeling and veneer knives
  • Backing plates, limiters
  • Hogger segments
  • Circular knives
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