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SHM Stegherr GmbH


Fabrikstr. 2 - 4
93128 Regenstauf

Company Details

Since 1967, SHM Stegherr has been rationalising the individual and series production of windows and doors for customers worldwide with innovative products. The focus is on windows and doors made of wood, but materials such as aluminium and PVC are also processed. The spectrum ranges from compact and program-controlled machines for small and medium-sized businesses to CNC machining centers for economical series production, also integrated into production lines. In addition, machines for processing picture frames and stretcher frames, solid wood furniture and garden wood products are manufactured.

Main machine types are:

  • Machining centres for profile moulding processing (sawing, punching, drilling, milling and printing of profile mouldings - semi or fully automated)
  • Sash bar milling, e.g. models KSF-2E or FD-E2 (drilling, milling and dowelling in one pass)
  • Counter milling for tear-free corner connection of longitudinally profiled workpieces, with drilling and dowel insertion, automatic tool change optional
  • Special and custom machines such as frame milling machines, mitre saws, slot milling machines.

80% of SHM's products are exported. A holistic approach is important to the company: the individual customer solutions consist of a machine optimised for the production process in combination with software, automation and service.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Undercut cross-cutting saws
  • Copy moulders with tool control by pattern and automatic rotation of workpiece (with one or more spindles, also with additional sanding units)
  • Moulding machines for special applications
  • CNC boring machines for stationary processing
  • Machining centres for routing, sawing, boring, hardware and dowel inserting, etc.
  • Copy moulders for longitudinal processing of moulded parts (also with additional sanding units, etc.)
  • Mullion moulders
  • Boring machines for sawing, moulding, boring and dowel-driving
  • Dowel driving machines (gluing, driving-in)
  • Semicircular arch joint gluing machines
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