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Schiele Maschinenbau GmbH


Im Schülert 22
56651 Niederzissen

Company Details

SCHIELE manufactures machines and plants for impregnating, coating and drying wood, metal and plastic surfaces. SCHIELE is one of the world's leading suppliers of machines for the treatment of narrow parts, profiles and edges as well as flat materials. The machines are used for the coating of mouldings and boards, furniture parts, floors, wooden windows, doors and construction formwork, but also for metal & plastic profiles, ceiling panels, fibre reinforced materials and also pipes and chains.

Well-known products from Schiele are the Vacumat (for vacuum coating of narrow parts, edges and profiles), Impregmat/Profimat (coating of narrow and flat parts by flooding and brushing) and TransferDisc for bevel coating. The lines are completed by the corresponding dryers (with UV or infrared technology) and transport systems.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Impregnating plants
  • Vacuum coaters
  • Machines for windows and facades; other
  • Machines and equipment for glue laminated timber / glulam construction
  • Machines and equipment for laminate floorings
  • Machines and plants for agricultural tool handles (for shovel, spade, hoe, rake, hammer, pick, etc.)
  • Automatic spraying machines / robots for spray finishing
  • Edge coating systems
  • Machines and plants for doors and frames
  • Machines and equipment for timber flooring / parquetry
  • Machines and plants for shuttering panels
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