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Roth Composite Machinery GmbH


Bauhofstr. 2
35239 Steffenberg

Company Details

Roth Composite Machinery, formed in 2016 from the companies EHA and Schlesinger, develops, builds and sells machines and plants for coating, impregnating and the production of fibre composites and high-performance thermoplastics worldwide.

The product range comprises approximately:

  • Impregnation and coating plants for papers, such as melamine and phenolic resins
  • Resin mixing and metering equipment
  • Floatation dryer for impregnated/coated papers
  • Machines for applying and coating adhesive and abrasive materials
  • Laminating as well as longitudinal and cross cutting of webs and papers.

Further segments in the product range are filter pleating machines and systems for the production of brushes and brooms.

Roth Composite Machinery is a company of Roth Industries, which is also active in other areas besides composites: energy and sanitary systems, pipe technologies, pressure accumulators and plastics and hydraulic power units.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Lines for impregnating and coating of papers and tissue
  • Resin blenders and proportioning devices / systems
  • Air flotation dryers for impregnated / coated papers
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