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Riepe GmbH & Co. KG


Theodor-Rosenbaum-Str. 28 - 30
32257 Bünde

Company Details

Electronically controlled spraying systems

During edge banding, adhesive residues often remain on the board, which make manual reworking necessary. A further problem are electrostatically sticking chips, which arise during the trimming of the edge band. Spray systems from Riepe offer a solution: release agents, antistatic coolants and cleaning agents can be sprayed on automatically during the edge banding process and prevent adhesive residue and chips from adhering to the workpiece and dirt from forming. 

Riepe has investigated edge processing over many years of research. The formulation of the release agents, antistatic coolants and cleaning agents were specially developed for Riepe and for the respective application. In combination with the Riepe spray systems for application, they ensure effective and maintenance-free work processes during edge banding. There is no need for reworking by hand; the workpiece edges leave the machine in finish quality. 

Riepe offers various systems depending on the application, including

  • Release agent spraying systems to avoid adhesive residues on the top/bottom side of the panel, at the corners of the workpiece, on the edgeband itself and on the pressure rollers in the edgebander.
  • Antistatic coolant Spray system for cooling the adhesive joint and static discharge of the edge band
  • Cleaning agent spraying system for cleaning or avoiding contamination of the workpiece
  • System for avoiding the frame effect on high-gloss parts: The milling radius in the edge area is polished with hard wax so that it adapts to the high-gloss surface.
  • Veneer moistening systems used for profile wrapping
  • Various other chemicals and service products 

Riepe develops and produces all its products at its headquarters in Germany, working closely with customers, suppliers and machine builders. Customized solutions are possible at any time. Riepe sells all its products locally through a worldwide dealer network in more than 50 countries. Competent trained employees and distributors guarantee the professional competence in these bases.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Application systems for operating fluids
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