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REFORM Grinding Technology GmbH


Weserstr. 24 & 26
36043 Fulda

Company Details

REFORM Grinding Technology GmbH manufactures a wide range of machines. For the wood industry, the REFORM product line Travelling Head is of particular interest. It is used for the production and sharpening of machine knives (long knives), which are required for the production and processing of veneers, among other things. Further REFORM product series include machines for processing round knives, machine components such as bearing rings, spline shafts and gear wheels as well as for processing turbine components such as turbine blades and landing gears.

In addition to the standard machine program, REFORM also manufactures special machines. An example of this is the SLIDER GRINDER, a pendulum grinding machine for the production of profile guidance slide for compact guideway systems. Services such as training, spare parts supply, remote maintenance, repair, on-site maintenance, geometry testing and others are also included in the offer. REFORM offers service contracts for preventive maintenance, remote maintenance or a 24-hour hotline.

REFORM Retrofitting brings older grinding machines up to date productivity and accuracy. Customer-specific requests, such as the integration of new processing options or measuring systems, can be realized.

REFORM is part of the Precision Surfacing Solutions (PSS) group of companies, which is one of the global leaders in surface enhancement technologies and combines eight brands. PSS has a worldwide network of over 900 employees, ten production sites and several service branches.


Product programme

Machine types

  • Knife grinding machines for planing, flaking and chipper knives
  • Knife grinding machines for knife rings
  • Sharpeners for carbide-tipped sawing, moulding and planing tools
  • Knife grinding machines for veneer knives (slicing, peeling, clipping)
  • Sharpeners for scrapers
  • Machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacturing of manual hand-held tools
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