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Range + Heine GmbH


Lise-Meitner-Str. 3
71364 Winnenden

Company Details

Range + Heine supplies systems for the coating of wood elements: Wooden windows, wooden doors, fences, chairs or post-and-beam constructions and others. At the beginning of the planning of each coating line there are the individual wishes of the customer, no matter whether only 20 to 30 units per day are to be coated as resource-saving as possible and of high quality, or more than 90 units per day in a highly automated process with a specified daily capacity. Details such as the desired structure of the coating (number of layers, application by flooding or spraying), the plant capacity, the degree of automation or the space available in production are boundary conditions on the basis of which Range + Heine designs and supplies a plant. In the interests of protecting people and the environment, as well as economic efficiency, special attention is paid to resource-saving coating systems - ideally with paint recovery, Range + Heine's speciality. Possible plant components are:

Horizontal coating systems: Impregnation, priming and intermediate coating of individual parts or profile strips using a low-pressure flooding process. One example is the fully automatic flowcoroll-V individual part impregnation system.
Flooding systems: Flooding of wooden windows and elements. Finished window sashes or frames as well as individual parts can be coated. The parts are transported by overhead conveyors.
Painting robot: This has an electronic system for recording the part geometry. The six-axis robot then independently creates the painting program.
Extraction systems: Extraction walls and automatic spray booths for paint dedusting
Automatic continuous painting system: Range + Heine offers concepts for painting complex part geometries, for example with corner joints and folds in standard colours, as well as flat parts with frequent colour changes.
Process control: This enables a maximum degree of automation. The customer benefit is a high flexibility of the system as well as the optimal utilization of the system capacity.
Miscellaneous: Components for the actual coating process such as conveyors, dryers, filter systems, water treatment systems, etc. are also part of the product range.

Range + Heine takes over the complete project handling from the order to the delivery and assembly of the plant components including commissioning and training at the customer's site.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Automatic spraying machines / robots for spray finishing
  • Spray walls and booths
  • Conveyers for lacquering plants
  • Flooding systems
  • Electrostatic spraying equipment
  • Lacquer drying and curing lines
  • Robots for spraying, lacquering, etc.
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