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Oest GmbH & Co. Maschinenbau KG


Robert-Bürkle-Str. 7
72250 Freudenstadt

Company Details

The speciality of Oest Maschinenbau is glue application: Oest is a leader in the production of glue mixing systems, glue pouring machines as well as dosing and application systems for all glue systems in the woodworking industry. The company's products are used in the production of multilayer boards made of solid wood and wood-based panels, e.g. glued laminated timber and cross laminated timber, three-layer boards, veneer laminated timber, blockboards, coated chipboards, etc.

The glue mixing plants are used for the automatic processing of liquid or powder components. Special dosing pumps from our own development are used for the supply of application heads in finger joint, joint and surface gluing. The glue casting machines have application widths of up to 3,000 mm. For joints with glue systems with two components, Oest supplies systems for separate application of glue and hardener.

In addition to Oest Maschinenbau, the Oest Group also includes the fields of energy, lubricants and filling stations. 

Representatives in your location

AVANCE Treteknikk AS
NO, 0270 Oslo
Sales region


Framnes terrasse 3b
0270 Oslo


Product programme

Machine types

  • Glue spreaders for veneers and boards
  • Glue preparation and dosing equipment
  • Machines for core composition
  • Equipment for glue preparation, proportioning and transport
  • Continuous feed edge joint gluing presses for boards and scantlings
  • Machines and equipment for glue laminated timber / glulam construction
  • Machines and equipment for manufacturing solid timber boards
  • Portable glue spreaders
  • Equipment for glue preparation, proportioning and transport for plywood plants
  • Machines for panel frames
  • Glue spreaders for boards / veneers
  • Glue application systems for finger joints
  • Equipment for preparation, dosing and transport of liquid coating materials (e.g. lacquer, stain, etc.)
  • Machines and equipment for timber flooring / parquetry
  • Machines and plants for shuttering panels
  • Gluing units
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