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Modul Systeme Engineering GmbH


Bahnhofstr. 28
83410 Laufen

Company Details

For over 30 years, MODUL SYSTEME Engineering has been planning and supplying customized complete systems and individual machines for the panel industry. It compiles combinations of used and new machines from different manufacturers into low-priced complete systems at a high technical level, which are precisely adjusted to customer requirements and raw material to be processed. A qualified team organizes and supervises all steps from dismantling, packaging, loading, transport to reconstruction and putting into operation.

MODUL SYSTEME supplies complete lines for particleboard and MDF board plants by using original BERSTORFF calender presses (Mende system). MODUL SYSTEME also offers plants for the production of mineral bonded particle boards (cement or gypsum) based on BISON technology.

Product programme

Machine types

  • Calender presses
  • General contractors for veneer and plywood plants
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