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Beffendorfer Str. 4
78727 Oberndorf / Neckar

Company Details

Follow your instinct.

The world's first portable carpentry machine was manufactured in 1926 by Maschinenfabrik Fellbach (MAFELL), which had been founded in Fellbach. Since its move to Oberndorf am Neckar in 1933, MAFELL has been manufacturing power tools and pull-push saws in the upper quality segment, mainly for the wood trade. Along with Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Italy are among the main customers of MAFELL, which was named the most innovative entrepreneur in 2009.

The Mafell product range includes all classic power tools for carpenters and joiners:

  • Various saws (hand circular saws, oscillating jigsaws, cross-cutting systems, plunge cut saws, carpentry chain saws, portable band saws, insulation saws)
  • cordless drill drivers and carpentry drilling machines
  • Orbital sanders and disk sanders
  • Electric hand planers and carpentry planing machines
  • Various mortising machines (biscuit joiners, hand routers, door lock mortisers, chain mortisers, slots mortisers, tenoners, notch cutting machines)

Product programme

Machine types

  • Moulding machines for special applications
  • Chain mortisers
  • Portable keyhole saws
  • Portable circular saws
  • Portable routers
  • Portable chain mortisers
  • Portable disc sanders
  • Band saw blades for narrow band saws
  • Circular saw blades, DP-tipped
  • Countersink bits
  • Clamping systems for shank cutters
  • Table saws
  • Single-end tenoners for straight tenons
  • Special machines for carpenters and building industry
  • Portable band saws
  • Portable planers
  • Portable boring machines
  • Portable vibratory sanders
  • Special-purpose portable machines
  • Circular saw blades, HW-tipped
  • Twist drills
  • Knives for cutters, cutter heads
  • Portable powered screwdrivers
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