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Heinrich Kuper GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik


Heinrich-Kuper-Str. 10 - 15
33397 Rietberg

+49 5244 9 84-2 01

Company Details

The most important segment in Kuper's product range are veneer processing machines, in which Kuper is the market leader and offers a complete range. It includes solutions for all individual steps in veneer processing, from cutting and assembling to shredding veneer waste and more. The Kuper product range is rounded off by machines based on the Josting and Casati systems. 

In addition to veneer processing, other areas include solid wood processing with planing and moulding machines, packaging technology with solutions for wrapping and shrinking with film, and systems for middle layer production: middle layers of strips for parquet floors and middle layers of veneer layers for plywood panels.  

In addition to its own production of machines and systems, Kuper is active worldwide as a dealer in used machines; in its home market of Germany, it is also active as a dealer in new machines from renowned manufacturers. 

Kuper's many years of technological expertise also make it available to customers worldwide as a general contractor for the planning and construction of complete systems, e.g. door production systems. Advice on the optimisation and production increase of existing plants is also possible.

Representatives in your location

Branch office
Kuper Office Canada
CA, Ontario
Sales region


9 Pyne Hills Crt
Tottenham, ON
L0G 1W0

Branch office
Mr. Gerasimov V.I.
RU, 107553 Moscow
Sales region


Ul. Bolshaja Cherkizovskaja, dom. 22, korp. 3, kv. 245           
107553 Moscow


Product programme

Machine types

  • Peeled veneer clippers
  • Splicers for peeled veneer
  • Single knife veneer pack shears
  • Machines for glue application on veneer edges
  • Cross-feed veneer splicers
  • Machines and equipment for lengthwise joining of veneers (e.g. by means of finger joints)
  • Three- and four-side planers
  • Packaging machines for furniture parts and carcass furniture
  • Packaging machines; other
  • General contractors for furniture production plants
  • Jointing machines for peeled veneer
  • Veneer cross-cutters
  • Double knife veneer pack shears
  • Longitudinal veneer splicers
  • End gluing machines
  • Luminous tables for veneer inspection
  • Moulding machines for three- and four-side machining
  • Packaging machines for flat parts (floor elements, panels, etc.)
  • Portable veneer splicing equipment
  • General contractors for solid wood processing plants
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